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Notch : Are you buying your first suit or are not quite sure on which lapel to choose? You can’t go wrong with our most popular and versatile option. You can dress it up for work during the day; after work take off your tie, pop in a bold pocket square and enjoy a night out on the town with some friends. Pick the slim notch option for a fashion forward look. Continue reading

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How to mix a classy cocktail

Although in most cases it’s best to leave the sorcery of mixing drinks to the experts, it doesn’t hurt to learn a few cocktail recipes you can impress your friends with when you host your next dinner party. Stay away from the wine coolers and discounted corner store beer and try mixing some of these classics.
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Double Breasted Suit

Many associate the double breasted suit with popular characters like Dick Tracey and just about any mafia boss from the 80’s. But today the DB suit has been modernized to fit the style of the modern gent.
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Get rid of those old, scuffed up dress shoes you’ve been wearing since your high school graduation. It’s time you invested in some shoes that’ll impress the ladies and with a little bit of care, they’ll also last you for years to come; an added bonus. Continue reading



Most of the time, a well-tailored suit is all that you need to stand out amongst the crowd. But we believe, and I know many would agree, that the details are what takes your suit game to the next level and it all begins with the pocket square.
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